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Feb 8, 2013 1:00pm EST
chris christie saying he may be open to that. details when ty and i come back. , our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesourceā„¢. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and extensive coverage of major asset classes... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all brought to you by one firm tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with comprehensive education,
Feb 8, 2013 2:00pm EST
christie officially got behind on-line gambling. a bill in new jersey, right -- i keep stepping in the shot. i'll move over this way. there is a bill for gambling. chris christie is behind it. this is the first to support on-line gambling. sees caesars and boyd. >> it's been help. >> philadelphia has gotten casinos now. these stocks are going like this. like this today. >> let's look at coin star. everyone is streaming videos and i would imagine, that's bad for coinstar, right? >> yes. they own the rental dvd kiosk called red box. 20% drop in profit. down beat guidance. keep in mind, this was a $70 stock last july. >> okay, freaky friday. look at this for a freak fight. rim is crashing apple. i'm not using that word lightly. not just year to date but for the whole year. joining us is robert w. and how did this happen, will? is this freaky friday for the rest of theier? >> i don't think so. i guess every dollar has its day. >> right. >> you should look at you know, blackberry here. a lot of hype around the blackberry. testing the device the last week or so. it is a nice device. but it has to
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am EST
more on how that might change the state. >> yeah, basically, christie said if it had a few changes, he would support it. christie wants a ten-year trial period, so it can be reviewed. he also wants internet gambling revenues packed at a 15% rate as opposed to the currently proposed 10%. he wanted more money devoted to helping those with addictions. if the amendments are made and the legislation is passed and both things are expected, new jersey becomes the third state to move forward with legal online gambling. nevada, which is only poker, and delaware, are the others. all three probably should start the practice later in the year. in a statement to the state assembly, christie wrote, since the beginning of my administration i have stressed the importance of reversing the trend of economic contraction in atlantic city. atlantic city is the key word here. according to wells fargo, this could mean up to $850 million in a year in revenue. right now, the bill would be just for people living in the state to be able to gamble online. other states with legal online gambling could utilize the
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am EST
of artists. at the christie's sale, that particular picture that was bought for $7 million which was bought six years ago for $18 million. >> is this the season? >> this is the london season. it's a bit like old fashioned so school. this week has been the impressionist week. next week is another london show of contemporary art and the next big show is going to be may in new york when a few more billion dollars will come up for sale and then it shifts on to october and then back into london. >> wow. chinese. >> the chinese are absolutely fascinated by this market. and we're seeing the growth of china -- if you look back ten years, china represent about five years of the buying in the art market. it's now 30%. it's overtaken the u.s. >> wow. >> thank you. >> phillip hoffman, the fine group, thank you so much for coming by. we'll bring you the results of that auction next week on wex. >>> do you think it's fair athletes get special tax breaks? this is so usain bolt can compete in the uk. keep your comments coming. e-mail us, >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." more than 50
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
,, there's talks about new jersey governor chris christie opening up online gaming. it leaves the possibility out there for atlantic city casinos to offer games like poker online. so bwin has a join venture with boyd gaming which is licensed in new jersey. and the view among analysts is that other states, potentially federal legislation could follow suit. this is a small step in the direction of perhaps allowing more and more of the u.s. market to gamble online, like you can already with this one. up 19%. watch shares generally speaking in the gaming session today because you can expect there will probably be some similar moves. just the final word, we saw the yen strengthening avenue the yen appeared to talk down some of its easing moves. the yen was still 1% stronger. the nikkei ended the day 12-day winning streak with one of its longest. back over to you. >> thank you, kelly evans. we will see you a monday. yesterday, we talked to former treasury secretary robert rubin about creating confidence in the markets and the economy. business really needs to better understand the v
Feb 6, 2013 1:00pm EST
, joining us is christi crihristian wetherbee. what does this move mean for that company? >> i think ultimately it is about the mail on saturday. that's not really a market that fedex or ups competes in. it carries first class mail, ups on percentage basis, probably carries more relative to their total usps business. but i think ultimately, keeping packages, keeping package service on saturday is a little bit more impactful. if that were to have gone away, there could have been more volume flowing towards fedex or ups. >> which of these two stocks do you prefer at their current prices? >> at current prices we prefer fedex. we have a buy on fedex, we have a neutral on ups. we do have the strong benefiting both players. fedex has profit improvement plan under way with meaningful cost cuts which should generate better profits in their fiscal '14 which starts in a couple months. sue, down to you. >> take a lock at markets now. holding steady, down side by us since dow jones off about ten points or so on the trading session. steve grasso is with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. >>
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6